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Headquartered in Union, New Jersey, ARP Environmental Solutions provides complete grease trap services to restaurants and other food establishments throughout New Jersey.

For added customer support, we also offer drain and sewer cleaning, repair and installations. We provides complete grease trap cleaning and maintenance services. We clean and pump out grease traps.

Affordable Grease Trap Maintenance Plans

We provide expert grease trap maintenance so business owners avoid fines and leave the worry of grease trap management to us.

In addition to grease trap pumping, ARP Environmental is ready to assist you with any sewer or drain cleaning service. These include all aspects of sewer and drain line cleaning. We also provide complete sewer repair services including trenchless sewer repair.

Our Grease Trap Services

  • Grease Trap Cleaning
  • Grease Trap Pumping
  • Grease Trap Installation
  • Grease Trap Repair
  • Grease Trap Maintenance

Our Sewer Drain Services

  • Sewer Cleaning
  • Sewer Repair
  • Hydro Jetting
  • Sewer Camera Inspections
  • Sewer Pipe Descaling

More Information and Pricing

Professional Grease Trap Management Benefits

    • Protects the Environment
The main purpose of grease traps is to keep grease, fats and oils out of the municipal water system. Proper grease trap maintenance will keep grease in the trap where it can be pumped and cleaned on a regular basis.

    • Prevents Sewer Backups
Consistent grease trap cleaning will reduce the number of sewer backups as it minimizes the flow of fats, oils and grease into the sewer line.

    • Saves You Time
As a business owner you have a lot on your plate. With a grease trap maintenance program in place, we will manage grease trap maintenance as well as any related issues with sewer line and drain lines.

    • Maintains a Healthy Workplace
Regular grease trap cleaning reduces worker’s exposure to cooking waste that is sitting too long in the grease trap.

    • Helps You Observe Regulations and Avoid Fines
With a professional grease trap maintenance program in place, you will no longer need to worry about expensive grease trap fines. Grease traps will be cleaned on a regular basis, while checking for any operational issues like clogged kitchen or sewer lines.
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